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Prize-trip to Novohrad-Volynskyi

MyCollages-1-min18  The winners of the art contest "Looking for talents" and amateur performers won a prize-trip to Novohrad-Volynskyi with the support of the Students Union of Rivne Medical Academy. The students visited the Lesia Ukrainka Museum, the fortress and historical monuments of the city, the Museum of the History of Medicine and the Museum of Novohrad-Volynskyi Medical College. Under the direction of Svitlana Bukhalska, the deputy director on educational work, the teacher Illia Laba, the head of the college amateur team Anatolii Tymoshchuk and Oleh Kochubei, the students of Rivne Medical Academy demonstrated their creative abilities in vocal, choreography, and rhythmic gymnastics during the gala concert in Novograd-Volynskyi Medical College.

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Educational and cognitive trip to Lviv

  MyCollages-318-minOn November 1, 2018, the students of the 1st year of the groups "A" and "H" of the department “Pharmacy” and the leaders of student groups Liudmyla Stibysh and Halyna Holobosh initiated a trip to the glorious city of Lviv, during which they visited the historical monuments of architecture, art and medical science.  
 Nataliia Sirko, the head of the “Pharmacy” department, acquainted students with the history of Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University, the formation and development of the Pharmaceutical Faculty; shared unforgettable memories of her student years.   

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City Championship in Wrestling

  Recently, the city championship in wrestling among the higher educational establishments of I-II accreditation levels took place, where our team won the second team place. So in the weight category up to 60 kilograms the student of group II "Physical rehabilitation-bachelors” Kotiai Dmytro won III place; In the weight category up to 70 kilograms the student of the same group, Pavliashyk Nazarii took the 5th place. In the weight category up to 75 kilograms, Lutsyshyn Serhii (II year "Physical rehabilitation" ). In the weight category up to 80 kilograms our two athletes took part, Nazarevych Olexandr (2 year “Curative Affair” B (9))- 2nd place and Burdyk Ruslan (1 year of “Orthopedic stomatology” (9)) - 6th place. In the category up to 90 kilograms - 3rd place was won by Bereziuk Valentyn (II year "Physical rehabilitation". And in the weight category more than 90 kilograms the second place was won by the student of IV year "Curative Affair” (9))   We wish the athletes further success !!!

Public forum of young teachers

  molv18While cooperation of Rivne Medical Academy and Rivne Regional Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education of Young People, the teachers of Medical Academy participated in the regional forum of young teachers "A Modern lesson in the implementation of the competency education paradigm: theory and practice".

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Mini-football competitions

  minf18According to the calendar of sports events at Rivne Medical Academy, the Physical Rehabilitation and Physical Education team together with the trade union committee from 24.09 to 19.10.2018 held mini-football competitions among the academy groups. 8 teams took part. During the intensive fight four strongest teams went to the finals.

  1.  Third place was won by the team of the II year of “Physical rehabilitation - bachelors” (11).

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Round table with heads of cyclic and subject methodical committees

  On October 18, 2018, a roundtable with heads of cyclic and subject methodical committees was held at Rivne Medical Academy on the theme "Pedagogical conditions of professional growth of teachers, stepped preparation and certification of pedagogical workers in the conditions of higher education reformation".
The meeting was attended by deputy director on educational work Babiak Volodymyr Ivanovych and the head of the teaching and methodical department Khmeliar Inessa Makarivna. As a result, the methodical recommendations for stimulating pedagogical workers to improve the organization of educational process in educational disciplines and professional growth were developed.

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James Cook's 290th Birthday

angl18  The teachers of the subject committee of foreign languages ​​Liashuk K.V., Malafei O.V., Netepchuk A.Yu. with the second-year students of group V department “Pharmacy” (9) organized a round table discussion on the occasion of the 290th birthday of James Cook, an English sailor, researcher, cartographer, member of the Royal Society of London, head of three worldwide expeditions on the study of the oceans. The students reported in Ukrainian and English about three world-wide Cook’s expeditions, about interesting facts from his life, about his death as a legend and in fact. The thematic presentations and video materials were extremely interesting, especially the students liked the video about the ship-replica, built in England. Each of the attendees wanted to visit it and see everything with his own eyes!

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Regional studying and cognitive trip to the Carpathians

 MyCollages-5On October 19-21, 2018, on the initiative of the third-year students (9) of the group "D" of the department "Pharmacy" and the leadership of the goup leader, Hanna Serheieva, a regional study trip to the Carpathians took place. During three days, the students were able to visit the picturesque city of Yaremche, to ascend to the Khomiak Mountain and Dovbush cliffs, ascents to Mount Bukovel; to admire the waterfalls of Huk (the Zhenetskyi waterfall, so it is called) and Probii in Yaremche; feel the beautiful feeling on the "Love" bridge and get something to remember in the Carpathian souvenir markets. The students, under the influence of the purity of the Carpathian air, the nature and beauty of the Carpathians, returned home waiting for new trips and emotions.

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Ecological education of a medical student of Rivne medical academy when teaching Anatomy, Biology


  ek vih18This is the theme chosen for discussion at an open meeting of the cyclic committee "Anatomy, Physiology, Histology, Pathology". During the presentation of the lectures the teachers shared their experience in teaching subjects, provided information on the methods, forms, techniques they use in their work. In the general discussion at the end of the presentations, it was emphasized that nevertheless the biological, anatomical, ecological and professional-oriented knowledge of medical students of the Rivne medical academy contribute to the formation of a whole system oriented towards the educational-educational goal in accordance with the branch standards of higher education in the direction of preparation "Medicine "(educational and professional programs and educational qualification characteristics).

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Meeting-conversation at Rivne central city hospital, dedicated to International Mental Health Day

 zdorov18On October 10, 2018, an interactive event - a meeting-conversation to the International Mental Health Day took place at Rivne central city hospital with the participation of the 4th year students of the group"B"(9) of the “Nursing affair” department and the psychologist of the hospital I.V.Drozd, who was happy to share her practical experience. The organizers were: Ph.D., deputy director on educational work Svitlana Bukhalska and teacher of nervous and mental illnesses, practicing doctor Oksana Kopanytsia. 

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