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Nobel readings of the cyclic committee "Anatomy, physiology, pathology, histology"

In December 2018, as a part of the round table of the cyclic committee "Anatomy, physiology, pathology, histology", Nobel readings in the form of a round table for teachers and students were held. The head of the cyclic committee greeted all the present and drew attention to the history of the first prize that was awarded on December 10, 1901. The students prepared reports and presented them in the form of presentations. All the reports contained interesting information. The teachers were the consultants, the work was at a high level. The aim was: to pay attention and to familiarize teachers and students with the Nobel laureates, their researches, because Ukraine now needs new ideas and new initiatives, especially in the intellectual sphere. The activation of the national Nobel movement should become one of the ways to the high goal of accelerating the entry of Ukraine into the circle of leading European countries. The students Palapa Anastasiia, Petrovska Viktoriia, Khlypa Olena, Tereshchuk Tetiana, Tymchuk Daryna were the speakers.

Recent achievements in medicine and pharmacy

The latest achievements in medicine and pharmacy ... This was the theme of this year's Nobel readings of cyclic committee of pharmaceutical disciplines number 1 and number 2. With the introductory word about innovations and reforms in healthcare, and in particular in the pharmaceutical industry, the head of the cyclic committee of pharmaceutical disciplines number 1 Zakharko N. V. with a report on the topic "Digest of Pharmacy Summit of Ukraine 2018". Then the students of the department “Pharmacy” Mosnytskyi Pavlo, Denysiuk Ivanna, Krasko Ivanna, Savomik Yana, Kozachuk Oleksandra, Azhmiuk Olena shared their interesting, meaningful, versatile reports with the audience. The moderators of the event were the heads of the cyclic committees of pharmaceutical disciplines № 1 and № 2 Zakharko N.V. and Shtrymaitis O. V.

Nobel Readings of the Subcommittee on Biology

On December 19, 2018, the subject committee of Biology conducted the Nobel Readings to the Days of Science in Ukraine. Under the direction of the scientific leaders of the cyclic subject committee of "Biology", the students presented their researches on the legacy of the Nobel laureates in biology. The congratulatory word was made by the head of the subject committee Sternik Vita Mykolaivna,the specialist of the highest category, candidate of biological sciences. The speeches were accompanied by interesting facts and informative presentations. The students received a lot of new and interesting information. The scientific leaders and the students were given the messages of thanks and diplomas.

"To make good, because it's worth it!"

"To make good, because it's worth it!" is the credo of the students-residents of the hostel number 1 of Rivne Medical Academy. On December 20, 2018, the students of the hostel number 1 together with the tutors Nataliia Stepaniuk and Yuliia Shulzhuk organized a holiday for the pupils of the Yasenynychi Training and Rehabilitation Center. In the bright holiday of St.Nicholas, we gave the children the most important thing - our attention, warmth and kindness. It is not difficult to do good deeds! And when you look into the shining eyes of children - the soul cheers. Compassion and indifference are the skills of the soul when you simply can not do in other way.

105th anniversary of the birth of Mykola Amosov


  On December 20, an open educational hour "Mykola Amosov" was held on the 105th birth anniversary of the legend of Ukrainian and world medicine, the most famous cardiosurgeon M.M.Amosov - a talented scientist, prominent surgeon, founder of bio-cybernetics in Ukraine, writer, public figure, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. He created the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery and first performed a mitral valve prosthesis in the heart, and internationally he first introduced the use of prosthetics of heart valves that have anti-thrombotic properties.
  The event was held by the curators: Demianchuk T.M., Demianchuk M.R. and Kolachynska O.M. with the groups of the IIIyear A, H (9) "Curative Affair" and II year of “Physical rehabilitation” department.

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Nobel readings of the cyclic committee of medical and prophylactic disciplines


On December 19, 2018 the Nobel readings were held in the cyclic committee of medical-prophylactic disciplines. The following students spoke with exciting informative presentations: Kaskiv Yaroslav, Kondratiuk Tetiana, Michaliova Yevanhelina, Kaplun Taras, Dobrynska Kateryna, Sioma Lidiia, Savonik Yana, Shabash Tetiana, Meles Tetiana. Young scientists were awarded the certificates for their active participation.


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Honour to liquidators of Chornobyl accident


On December 14, 2018, due to the plan of educational work of Rivne Medical Academy there were the events to commemorate the Chornobyl accident liquidators. The students had the opportunity, from the first lips of the doctor-liquidator, the teacher of therapeutic disciplines Olexandr Fedorovych Litvinchuk to hear an instructive story about staying in the exclusion zone at the time of the liquidation of the Chornobyl accident.


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125 years since the birth of Mykola Khvyliovyi


 In December we celebrate 125 years from the birthday of Mykola Khvyliovyi (1893 - 1933), a Ukrainian prose writer, a poet, a publicist, one of the founders of the post-revolutionary Ukrainian prose. Unprecedented master of prose form M. Khvyliovyi created in our writing his own style, a kind of lyrical romantic, impressionist novel. By the mid-twenties, he became an acknowledged leader of the whole literary generation and was an unchanging detonator of acute critical polemics.
 The students of the group І “Pharmacy” "А" (9) under the guidance of the teacher of the cyclic committee of language and literature Roman Ostapchuk held an educational event "Am I a spare person because I love Ukraine crazy?"

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Nobel readings of the cyclic committee of subject-oriented disciplines of the general-therapeutic profile


 On December 12, 2018, the cyclic committee of subject-oriented disciplines of general-therapeutic profile held a round-table discussion to the Days of Science in Ukraine. The topic of the review was the study of the HIV / AIDS virus. The Nobel Prize was awarded to French scientists F. Barre Sinissi and Luc Montalie in 2008. The following students made their speeches: Bihun Alina, Nahorna Yuliia, Doch Tetiana, Zahoruiko Anastasiia. The reports were interesting and informative, they received a lot of new information, new statistics from Ukraine and Rivne region. Certificates of participation were given to the students; scientific advisors were given gratitudes.


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Holiday of experts in Management and Marketing in Pharmacy


  On December 14, 2018, the competition of experts in Management and Marketing in Pharmacy was held in the assembly hall of the main building of Rivne Medical Academy among the third-year students of the department “Pharmacy”. During the course of study, the students prepared individual tasks in the form of crossword puzzles, among which 12 best were selected and divided into 3 difficulty levels. The contest took place in 3 rounds. At the end of each round 2 teams left the competition. In total, 6 teams participated: Businessmen (III Pharmacy A (9)), Leader (III Pharmacy B (9)), Idealists (III Pharmacy V (9)), Success (III Pharmacy H. (9)), Ecstasy (III Pharmacy D (9)), Diamonds (III Pharmacy A (11)). Each team represented itself with the original name and motto. The students, who participated, were actively supported by their groupmates. In the final, the team of Idealists won. Congratulations to the winners and we wish new achievements. Thanks to the students for their active participation!


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"Rivne Medical Academy" will take part in the Ukrainian-Swiss project "Development of medical education in Ukraine"

  Within the reform of medical education in Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine together with the Swiss Institute of Tropical Medicine and Public Health launched a project for institutions of higher medical education that will provide an opportunity to improve the quality of the educational process and promote the implementation of educational innovations in an educational institution. The representatives of "Rivne Medical Academy" applied for participation in this project and won a competition for the training of nurses.
The project is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by the Swiss Institute of Tropical and Public Health and will be implemented from 2018 to 2022.
During the project, the educational institution will receive:

  1. 1. expert, normative and educational support in the process of improving the quality of education;
  2. 2. opening and equipping the simulation center for basic clinical skills;
  3. 3. increasing the prestige of the educational institution for students through the introduction of innovative technologies, including e-learning;
  4. 4. increasing the prestige of the educational institution for teachers through increased opportunities for professional development through the organization of student-oriented training and the creation of opportunities for international cooperation;
  5. 5. development of the culture of academic integrity in the institution of education;
  6. 6. increasing the rating of the institution of education among other educational institutions through the strengthening of international cooperation;
  7. 7. development of research capacities at an educational institution; 8. increasing of institutional capacity for project activity.

Tunnels of love and positive emotions

  On the 6th of December the students of Rivne Medical Academy, the department of “Physical Rehabilitation” -Bachelor's Degree, “Nursing Affair” -Bachelor's Degree, and “Curative Affair” (11) (the heads of the departments Larysa Korobko and Iryna Turovska) visited the Love Tunnel, where the group teachers Yana Cheredniak and Nataliia Suprunets gave their hearts to their children.

Celebration of the 240th birth anniversary of "the father of Ukrainian prose H. Kvitka-Osnovianenko"

  The students of the first year of “Pharmacy” department, group H of Rivne Medical Academy joined the celebration of the 240th birth anniversary of "the father of Ukrainian prose H. Kvitka-Osnovianenko". The audience got acquainted with the little-known facts of the writer's life and work. The lesson was conducted by the teacher of the highest category, teacher-methodologist Sondak V.S.

Visit to the "Rivne Regional Hospital of Veterans of War"

gospital18 1  "Rivne Regional Hospital of Veterans of War". Where else can you feel so much warmth, kindness, trust, calm and confidence?! On the 6th of December, 2018, the students of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation-Bachelor's Degree, Nursing-Bachelor's Degree, and the Curative Affair are sincerely grateful to the head of the institution Andrii Burachyk for the positive emotions of communication.




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Educational event "Scientific Cream". "The Bloody" Award by Carl Landshteiner

  nav vihzax18-1At Rivne Medical Academy, a teacher of the cyclic committee of medical-preventive disciplines, Ph.D. Mialiuk O.P. for the students of II and III years of the specialty "Technology of medical diagnostics and treatment", department "Laboratory diagnostics" bachelor's degree organized educational event in honor of well-known immunologist, Nobel laureate, Austrian professor Karl Landshteiner, who in 1900 discovered blood groups. The event was attended by the members of the cyclic committee and doctors of the maternity hospital in Rivne, who held the master class: "Methods for determining blood groups in modern immunology". The students had the opportunity to define their own blood group, to get acquainted with reagents-novelties and to communicate with practicing specialists about the prospects for the development of immunological research in Ukraine. Everyone who defined his blood group received a gift bulletin, which contained interesting information of various nature about the owner's blood group.

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