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International Children's Day

  Every year on the first day of the summer the International Children's Day, one of the oldest international holidays, is celebrated. The decision to hold it was approved by the International Democratic Women's Federation at a special session in November 1949. The UN supported this initiative and announced the protection of the rights, life and health of children as one of the priority areas of their activities.

  The family and child are original values that Ukrainian people profess, building their statehood and developing their own culture. Students of Rivne Medical Academy should know that care for children, awareness of the priority of their interests over the interests of adults must become the philosophy of our lives.
  This year, teachers and students of Rivne Medical Academy (M.V. Kaskiv, candidate of biological sciences, Serheieva H.M., teacher of the highest category, Kaskiv Ya.V., Khlypa O.O., students of the academy, Todos Talina, graduate of academies), visited Klevan sanatorium boarding school and held master classes as a gift for boarding school pupils. Yaroslav Kaskiv presented "Technique of Wellness Massage." Olena Khlypa introduced the children and their mentors to the rules of capillary blood collection for the determination of glucose, many of those who wished identified individual indicators. The graduate of academy familiarized the audience with one of the methods of physical rehabilitation in cosmetology "Snailtherapy".

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