The Professional Medical College of the MIHE "Rivne Medical Academy" of the Rivne Regional Council invites scientific and pedagogical workers, practitioners in the field of medicine and pharmacy, graduate students and students to participate in the regional scientific and theoretical conference on the topic: "Innovative technologies in theory and practice of modern medical education", which will take place on January 27, 2023.

The conference will be held in face-to-face and online format. Information about the hosting platform will be announced to the participants additionally.

Thematic directions of the conference:

• Theoretical and practical foundations of the development of innovative processes in professional medical education: experience and prospects.

• Development of social and psychological potential of the individual in the conditions of innovative changes in education.

• Development of personal and professional competence in the conditions of postgraduate education

• Innovative technologies and their implementation in the context of Ukraine's integration into the European educational space. Innovative management technologies and management technologies in the medical educational system.

• Priority areas of research in scientific and educational activities: problems and prospects.

• Education, science, culture and national self-awareness of students in the conditions of European integration.

• Ways to modernize the information and resource provision of the educational process.

Working language of the conference: Ukrainian.

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