Admission is based on the results of the EVI (unified entrance exam).

☑️ Registration is carried out by the admissions committee of the educational institution, subject to the personal presence of the applicant and/or remotely.


What documents need to be prepared?


For successful remote registration, create and send the following set of scanned or photocopied registration documents to the email address of our admissions office:


✅a completed application-questionnaire with information for drawing up an examination sheet;

✅ the identity document specified in the application form;

✅ a document confirming information about the registration number of the taxpayer's account card, or a document confirming the reason for not entering information about the RNTAC in the questionnaire;

✅ a document on the degree of higher education obtained (for persons who completed their studies in previous years);

✅certificates regarding the planned period of completion of studies and obtaining a diploma in 2023 (if you are still studying and will graduate in 2023)

✅ photo cards for documents (color or black and white) with an image corresponding to the age of the entrant;

✅a medical opinion according to the form of the primary accounting documentation 086-3/o (in the case of the need to create special (special) conditions for passing entrance tests).
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