Research work and professional growth based on the exchange of knowledge in scientific and educational events (conferences, forums, trainings, etc.) is an integral part of the activities of both scientific and pedagogical workers.

There are 49 workers of Rivne Medical Academy, who have a scientific degree – it is about one third of all pedagogical staff of the educational institution. The team of scientists is headed by Oksana Viktorivna Shtrimaitis, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It should be noted that the number of scientists is constantly growing.

Researches are not limited to the medical field and pharmacy. They also work in the field of natural sciences, humanities and physical education. We pay great attention to experience in pedagogy, as it is an integral part of the professional growth of a worker of the educational institution.

We pay great attention to the involvement of students in research work. They take part in international and all-Ukrainian conferences and scientific forums, the all-Ukrainian competition-defense of research works of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the competition for gifted youth "Panatsea Moloda" and others. They do not acquire only new knowledge, discover new opportunities, but also take prizes, which are the result of their tutors professionalism.

Continuous exchange of experience due to regional scientific and practical, scientific and research, scientific and theoretical conferences is ongoing.

Teachers-scientists publish their articles, introduce into the educational process and the work of medical institutions the results of their researches. You can get acquainted in detail with the materials by going to their personal accounts.

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