Social Sciences and Humanities Department

The Social Sciences and Humanities Department was established on the basis of Rivne Medical Academy Rector’s Order on January 2, 2020. The main purpose of the department is professional training of a competitive specialist, ensuring a high level of Social Sciences and Humanities teaching, the use of modern educational technologies and international standards.
Scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department:
Perekhodko Nataliia Mykolayivna – Head of the Department, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Department, teacher of the highest category, teacher and methodologist

  •  Artemenko Liudmyla Viktorivna – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor of the Department, teacher of the highest category, teacher and methodologist;
  • Dovhalets Oksana Mykhailivna – Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department;
  •  Zubilevych Maryna Ivanivna – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department;
  •  Linnik Yurii Volodymyrovych – Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department, teacher of the highest category;
  •  Melnychuk Oksana Dmytrivna – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department, teacher of the highest category, senior teacher;
  •  Chornous Vira Petrivna – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department;
  • Lukashchuk Svitlana Yuriivna – Assistant of the Department, teacher of the first category. 
The Department has the following tasks:
  • teaching the disciplines assigned to the department at all faculties of the Academy in the amount established by the relevant state educational standards, curricula and programs of training courses;
  •  systematic improvement of teaching staff professional level;
  • further modernization of the content of education, implementation of modern models of scientific and methodological support of the educational process;
  • development of complex educational and methodical equipment of the Department;
  •  development and updating of didactic concepts of teaching the social and humanitarian disciplines;
  • development of students’ general competencies necessary for integration into the system of world and national cultures;
  • increasing the scientific potential and pedagogical skills of the teaching staff;
  • study of current problems of modern methods of social sciences and humanities teaching;
  •  development of international, interuniversity and interdepartmental cooperation.
The specifics of the department is the teaching of a wide range of disciplines for the students of Medical and Pharmaceutical faculty:
  1.  English Language;
  2.  Life Safety;
  3.  Ethics and Deontology in Pharmacy;
  4.  History of Rehabilitation;
  5.  History of Medicine and Pharmacy;
  6. History of Medicine;
  7. History of Medicine and Nursing;
  8.  History of Ukraine and Ukrainian Culture;
  9. Foreign Language;
  10.  Latin language;
  11. Latin language and Medical Terminology;
  12.  Medical Ethics and Deontology;
  13. Grounds of Psychology and Interpersonal Communication;
  14.  Grounds of Jurisprudence;
  15.  Grounds of Labor Protection;
  16.  Grounds of Pedagogics and Psychology;
  17.  Pedagogics and Psychology;
  18.  Mental Health;
  19. Psychology of Communication;
  20.  Ukrainian Language (for professional purposes);
  21. Philosophy.
The strategy of Department development consists in the introduction of new methods and ways of students’ educational activity improvement, the organization of independent work, the application of modular technologies of training, the use of informational recourses in educational process.
Teachers of the department direct educational work to activate the intellectual and spiritual potential of young people, to improve their language culture, to deepen the knowledge in History, Philosophy, Law, Psychology and Pedagogics, using modern teaching methods and techniques. Scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department works according to the law “About Higher Education”, the documents of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Regulations of MIHE “Rivne Medical Academy”, the orders and instructions of Rector of MIHE “Rivne Medical Academy”. Teachers of the department conduct active research work in various areas. Scientific research is performed among the humanities: History, Philology, Philosophy. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department participates in the work of international, interuniversity, university scientific, and scientific and practical conferences and seminars. Scientific and methodological problem of the Department, which is being worked on, is “Forming the competitive personality through the introduction of innovative technologies.”
Educational activities are among the priorities of the Department. The establishment of the Ukrainian national idea and the development of our state on its basis requires highly qualified specialists with high soft skills, the feelings of patriotism, civic and national dignity, active life position in the process of state formation. The training of such specialists is based on the requirements of the state concept of national education and the concept of education developed at the Academy, taking into account the ethnic, social and spiritual characteristics of the student body. The efforts of teachers of the department are aimed at ensuring that each lecture, practical or seminar session has an educational focus, and the education of students is carried out not only on the basis of certain topics, issues, examples and facts, but also it includes personal assessment of various problems.

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