Medical Prevention Disciplines and Laboratory Diagnostics Department

By the decision of Rivne Regional Council of July 27, 2018 № 1035 from September 1, 2019, Rivne State Medical College was renamed as Municipal Institution of Higher Education “Rivne Medical Academy”.
Since September 5, 2018, the Academic Council of the Academy has been established in the institution. At the first meeting of the Academic Council, on September 25, 2018, it was decided to establish a Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty and two Departments.
In December 2019, the Department of Medical and Preventive Disciplines and Laboratory Diagnostics was established.
The department is licensed in the field of knowledge “Health”, the first level of higher education (bachelor), for the specialties:
- 223 Nursing;
- 224 Technology of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment.

Scientific topic of the department:
"Organizational and methodological aspects of simulation technologies at the stages of the educational process."
Scientific and pedagogical directions of the department:
 - the use of innovative technologies in the study of clinical disciplines;
 - teaching clinical disciplines on the basis of modern standards and protocols of the bachelor, nurse and medical laboratory assistant;
- the formation of professional competencies under reality close conditions.
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