On March 15, 2023, as part of the methodologic month, the methodological meeting of teachers of clinical disciplines "Main methodological aspects in creating online courses in professionally-oriented educational disciplines" took place in Professional Medical College of "Rivne Medical Academy".

   The director of the college I.O. Turovska addressed the attendees with a welcome speech, the head of the educational and methodological department I.M. Khmeliar and the methodologist of the institution Lotushko N.M. reported on the continuous professional development of teaching staff and the features of professional development in the conditions of martial law.

  During the meeting, the speakers exchanged opinions on the experience of creating online courses, the use of distance learning technologies, and project activities as a means of forming professional competencies among students. The results of the work were summarized by N. V. Karpovych, the head of the cyclic committee of professionally oriented disciplines of the therapeutic profile.

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