The second-year students of the Department of “Curative Affair” and the third-year students of the department of “Nursing Affair”, together with their group-teachers Lukashchuk V.I. and Lukashchuk M.M., visited the Museum of Anatomy of Ternopil State Medical University named after I. Horbachevskyi. Today the museum has more than 500 exhibits and is considered one of the best in Ukraine.

Conducting such excursions provides an opportunity to deepen and consolidate students' knowledge of Anatomy, to observe the structure of a human body on real exhibits, physiology, functions of body, muscles, skeleton, congenital defects and pathologies.

On the way back to Rivne, the students visited the family nest of one of the most famous princely families Korybuty-Vyshnevetski, where they could hear the incredible history of the Vyshnyvetski family and the life stories of individual family members, to enjoy the beauty of the restored mirror hall of the palace.

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