On February 28, 2023, an inter-university round table on the topic: "Medical and socio-psychological aspects of orphan diseases" was held in the walls of Rivne Medical Academy. Invalidation of patients", with the participation of teachers and students of MIHE "Rivne Medical Academy", Rivna Institute of the Open International University "Ukraine" and specialists of the Rivne Regional Specialized Dispensary for Radiation Protection of the Population.

In order to focus public attention, the European Organization for Rare Diseases EURORDIS established Rare/Orphan Disease Day on February 29, 2008. The last day of February in a leap year is not chosen by chance - it falls once every 4 years, so it is symbolically associated with rare diseases.

The participants of the round table were welcomed by Larysa Korobko - doctor of medicine. Ph.D., associate professor, dean of the medical and pharmaceutical faculty of Rivne Medical Academy and Iryna Turovska - director of Professional medical college of Rivne Medical Academy.

During the event the reports were given on the organization of providing medical assistance to patients with various types of orphan diseases, the specifics of treatment and care for such patients. At the end of the event a master class was held by Oksana Peleshok - kinesiotherapist of the cystic fibrosis treatment center of the Rivne Regional Specialized Dispensary for Radiation Protection of the Population on the topic: "Physiotherapeutic methods of cystic fibrosis treatment".

In conclusion, it should be noted that the number of orphan diseases is growing every year. However, representatives of world medicine are improving technologies in the field of clinical research in order to detect diseases in time and make life easier for many patients and their families. 
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