In the student groups of the Professional Medical College, the teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature held educational events commemorating the victims of political repression, during which the works of prominent Ukrainians Vasyl Stus, Mykola Khvylovyi, Ostap Vyshnia, Les Kurbas, Valerian Pidmohylnyi, Mykola Kulish were quoted. Such events are carriers of the memory and patriotism of the Literary Heroes.

The poetic event: "My whole expanse is four by four..." showed the skills’ depth of the poet Vasyl Stus, the power of indomitable spirit, patriotism, sacrifice in the struggle for the freedom and independence of the Ukrainian state.

The unsurpassed master of small prose form M. Khvylovyi created his own style in our writing, a kind of lyrical-romantic, impressionistic short story. By the mid-1920s, he had become the recognized leader of an entire literary generation and was a constant detonator of sharp critical polemics.

The students of the 1st year of the department “Pharmacy” (9), group A under the leadership of the teacher of the cyclic committee of Language and Literature Ostapchuk Roman Andriiovych held an educational event "Am I an extra man because I love Ukraine madly?".

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