The teachers of the cyclic committee of language and literature took part in the communication platform for the International Day of Literacy.

First of all, to be literate is the possession of a whole set of socially necessary knowledge and skills that allow people to consciously participate in social processes.

Dormitory teachers of the Rivne Medical Academy joined the discussion: M.V. Korniichuk, L.P. Kazmiruk, N.V. Melnyk, N.V. Stepaniuk, D.V. Tryhubets.

Iryna Turovska, director of the Professional Medical College, spoke about communication and interaction in the digital society.

Svitlana Bukhalska, candidate of pedagogical sciences, deputy director on educational work introduced communicative literacy as a component of the pedagogical competence of a teacher of a medical education institution.

Liudmyla Artemenko, candidate of philological sciences, teacher of Ukrainian language - "Literacy as a tool for empowering people"

Liubov Taborovets, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature - "Innovative aspects of improving the literacy of medical students"

Roman Ostapchuk, methodist teacher, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature - "Literacy as an inalienable human right and the basis for lifelong learning"

Victoria Biletska, senior lecturer, teacher of foreign literature - "The urgency of improving the reading competence of medical students"

Liliia Kravchyk-Maidanovych, teacher of the 1st category, teacher of Ukrainian literature - "Literacy as a degree of human education".

We must take care of educating literate and noble Ukrainians!

                                 Let's create fashion for the literate!

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