The final meeting of the members of the cyclic subject committee of subject-oriented disciplines of general therapeutic profile for the 2nd semester of 2021-2022 academic year took place on the basis of Rivne Medical Academy online. The members of the cyclic committee analyzed the work in the main areas: educational among medical students of medical departments “Nursing”, “Medical business” of the college and bachelor's departments. The work was marked at a fairly high level, the teachers of the cyclic committee constantly introduced modern technologies of civic education and national-patriotic education of students, taking into account the state of war in Ukraine.

An analysis of student performance, both general and qualitative, was made. The percentage of testing on the studied topics, disciplines of clinical profile is taken into account. The work is considered satisfactory. Control tests among cyclic committee students in various disciplines range from 39.1% to 70.6%.

The further work of cyclic committee members with students, development of their professional competence and national consciousness of Ukrainians is directed.

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