On October 21, 2022, at the initiative of the Department of Fundamental Disciplines of Rivne Medical Academy, a round table "Formation of the professional competence of the future doctor in the study of fundamental disciplines according the first educational level of the field of knowledge "Health Care" was held.

The teachers and students of the academy took part in the work of the round table. Iryna Turovska, director of the Professional medical college, made a welcome speech.

The work of the round table was started by Larysa Korobko, Ph.D., associate professor, dean of the medical and pharmaceutical faculty of the Rivne Medical Academy, focusing attention on the importance of forming the professional competencies of a medical student for competitiveness in future professional activities.

The continuation of the event was the speech of Svitlana Bukhalska, Ph.D., professor of the department , her report on the topic: "Competence and competencies. Analysis of key educational definitions".

The speeches of the students of the department, who presented reports on topical issues of anatomy, medicine, laboratory diagnostics, physical rehabilitation, and the use of information technologies in medicine, were interesting. They discussed the issue of organizing forms of distance learning when studying the disciplines of pathophysiology and microbiology.

All reports were prepared at a high level and were accompanied by presentations. Each participant's speech ended with a lively, light and interesting dialogue between students and teachers.

And at the end of the round table, the Acting Head of the Department of Fundamental Disciplines, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Mialiuk Oksana noted that such online meetings allow students not only to improve their level of knowledge in professional subjects, but also to maintain contact with teachers and classmates, share their thoughts, discuss current topics.

The round table meeting was held at a high level, receiving positive feedback from the participants.

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