Every year on the last Sunday of May, Ukraine celebrates Chemist's Day. Therefore, in order to increase the interest of student youth in the study of chemical disciplines, the formation of positive emotions, enrichment of worldview, ingenuity and interest in new knowledge on 27.05.2021 there was a comprehensive extracurricular event "The role of chemistry in my life." First-year students of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculty of Rivne Medical Academy, specialty 226 "Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy", field of knowledge 22 "Health Care" (group teacher, associate professor of the department Kushnir L.O.) prepared an imaginary chemical online TV studio, where a meeting was held with teachers and administration on the topic "Chemistry is my life." The students of the group interviewed the teaching staff of the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Disciplines, the administration of the Academy and students of the Professional college. Bachelors-pharmacists also prepared a project "Interesting chemical experiments at home" (supervisors Khmeliar I.M. and Kushnir L.O.), described and filmed some chemical experiments. The students conducted a quiz for teachers of the department and congratulated on the future holiday. 

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