On May 23, 2023, the students of the 1st year of the specialty "Nursing" of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, specialization "Nursing" (group teacher associate professor L. B. Herasymenko) conducted a thematic excursion to the Rivne Regional Blood Service Center.

The students familiarized themselves with the principles of blood donation and its components, the center's equipment. An interesting and meaningful conversation took place with the director L.M. Mykhalchuk. The excursion was conducted by N.P. Symkiv,the head of the department of organization and methodical support.

The first-year students learned about the specifics of transfusiology, blood treatment since ancient times, the world's first Blood Transfusion Institute, which was opened in 1926.

The center's activities are extremely relevant in the realities of martial law, when Ukraine is fighting for its independence. Blood transfusions are used mainly in those cases when the lives of soldiers and patients are in real danger—with massive blood loss, surgical operations, etc. Any able-bodied citizen of Ukraine over the age of 18 who has undergone a medical examination and has no contraindications can become a donor.

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