The all-Ukrainian action "Law Week" was launched in 2008 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

One of the tasks of legal education is the student's ability to navigate in a huge flow of information. It is impossible to teach this only at the lesson "Fundamentals of Law", so the Professional Medical College holds an annual Law Week.

The All-Ukrainian Law Week began with a presentation by S.Yu. Lukashchuk, a teacher of Fundamentals of Law, in the MOODLE system on the Basics of Law course page on the history of the beginning and holding of the All-Ukrainian Law Week and events planned for its celebration.

The teacher of Fundamentals of Law Lukashchuk S.Yu. held the events to ensure the protection of children's rights, observance of national and universal moral and aesthetic principles and traditions.

An informational conversation on "Know the rights and do not ignore responsibilities" was held for the students of the department "Medical Business" A, B, V (9).

The students of the department "Medical Business" B (9) on the 8th of December, 2021, accompanied by teachers Lukashchuk S.Yu., Patiaka O.O. visited the House of Veterans in Rivne, where they joined the course of national-patriotic education. They watched the film, and were able to get acquainted with the exhibition of weapons and ammunition.

The exhibition of wall-newspapers "A man and a law" was organized at Professional Medical College. The students of the department “Medical business” A, B (11) successfully passed the PHOTO QUEST in GOOGLE CLASS with the involvement of students’ gadgets.

The above-mentioned events helped to increase students' interest in studying Law. Work on the formation of legal relations continues at the Professional Medical College. It contributes to the expansion of legal knowledge of students, forms the ability to reconcile the norms of morality and rights, to apply legal knowledge in everyday life.

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