On March 13 a thematic meeting: "Tolerance for the sake of the future" was held. It was prepared by the library staff for the first-year students of the specialty “Dental hygiene” (9).

The meeting began with a poem read by the head of the library, L.M. Zhylchuk: "A tolerant attitude of a person will save the planet from bad weather...". Statements of prominent people about tolerance were heard, such as: "Tolerance is the art of living with other people and with other ideas." Kofi Annan. "You can't play the "Hymn of Freedom" on an instrument of violence." S. Jerzy Letz.

The essence of tolerance was revealed. Tolerance is about respect, acceptance and understanding. This is the culture of communication, this is education, restraint, endurance, self-control, balance...

T. Karpenko made a virtual tour of the pre-war multi-complex Feldman Ecopark. The unique park was located near Kharkiv. Charity project, because tolerance is about charity and kindness.

Special attention was paid to tolerance in the family. A tolerant family is a model of a tolerant society. Tolerance is the privilege of the strong and intelligent, those who do not doubt their abilities to advance on the path to truth through dialogue and diversity of opinions and positions.

Let's become people whose lives will be without malice, hatred and conflicts. Only through tolerance can a peaceful and harmonious society be built.

There are many truths on this earth. But probably, it is worth living alone - happy is the one who, despite all the regrets, knows how to remain a Man.

The moderator of the meeting was A. Shtempel, who was also responsible for the technical support of the meeting. P.F. Ivanytska and A.Yu. Netepchuk also participated in the preparation and holding of the meeting. 

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